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Pilates with Jungle


Pilates is probably the most misunderstood area of fitness. With elements of dance, yoga and stretching combined with core strengthening, Pilates is a mind-body exercise. Developed for injured ballerinas it is now the core for many studios, boutique fitness venues and and personal training methods. Pilates has changed my life ever since i started the practice at 19. An ex dancer and full time model I needed a way to lean out my over developed muscles but still be toned. Natural of athletic build, a lot of congenital excericises bulked me, making working out a struggle. Becoming a fitness professonial at 26, the LaGree method was my first introduction to the world of personal training. Loving the high intensity and Pilates inspired moves, I still struggled to maintain a lean look on LaGree alone. An avid runner I knew the cardio short term would achieve my body goals, but over time the jarring movements would deteriorate my hips and knees. Attending various classes (boxing, yoga, circuit, cycling) I was able to combine my favorite excericises and being them to my clients.   Continuing my fitness education journey with mat and reformer Pilates, I realized that a mix of cardio, calesthics, stretching and Pilates was the most effective. I believe that our bodies are more than capable of performing without any machines, so resistance bands, light weights and Pilates rings are the only accessories I use. Focusing on form and technique my dance background resurfaces as I make sure my clients execute each excercise properly to avoid injury. The world of Pilates is all inclusive and is ideal for any age and fitness background. It’s a perfect substitution for recovery and low impact enough for pre and post natal clients. Whether you’re new to Pilates or continuing on your journey, all Pilates with Jungle to curate a workout that fuses core stengthening, muscle lengthening and glute toning techniques. 



Certified in mat, reformer and LaGree pilates.

Group fitness certified and available for travel.

Specializing in cardio, calisthenics, circuit and stretching.

Focusing on technique, form and injury prevention.



My goal is to inspire fitness based enthusiasts with a Pilates based method that fuses cardio, calisthenics and stretching. Available for group classes, privates and corporate sessions I invite you to explore Pilates as a lifestyle.